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Bathroom Floor

Bathroom Floor is the second track in a series of twelve. Gold Spectacles are releasing one song per month in tune with the lunar calendar. The full moon of the 23rd November is called the Beaver Moon, so-called because November is a particularly active time for beavers.


In the light of this full moon, Gold Spectacles present ‘Bathroom Floor’, a song about escapism and dealing the aftermath of anger. The track was built around an riff played on an mbira that the duo found gathering dust in a charity shop. It is led by the female vocalist and features all the hallmarks of Gold Spectacles baroque-pop sound.


“At the time of writing, I was dealing with the sudden loss of my father. I would fly off the handle and hurt everyone around me when I couldn’t process the pain. This song is a response to the guilt I felt after I came back down to earth and I suppose it's my way of apologising...”

Bathroom Floor is out on Speckiest Records on 23rd November.

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