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'Edges' is the first in a year of singles emerging with each full moon on the lunar calendar.On the night of the 24th October the Hunter's moon is in the nights sky. Appearing brighter than usual, this moon provided extra light for hunters preparing for winter.

‘Edges’ is about striving for perfection in a society that asks you to put a filter on your true colours. Everybody appears to look perfect, but we all have edges. With a prominent bassline, laid back beat, jangly guitar lines and male/female vocal interplay, ‘Edges’ hallmarks Gold Spectacles baroque-pop style.


“We were talking in a session about the way that as you grow up, you come to realise the idea of perfection is just a myth. Everybody has an edge in some way, but sometimes you can’t see it from the outside. Especially in a society that airbrushes its reality. In a way, you could describe it as a modern protest song for all us broken people!” say Gold Spectacles.

Edges is out on Speckiest Records on 26th October.

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