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Moral Fibre (Alson Remix)

After gathering widespread attention across the blogosphere and amassing over 600,000 streams on Spotify alone, Alson offers up his interpretation of “Moral Fibre” by Gold Spectacles. Whereas the original opens “with a solo vocal and gentle piano ...climaxing in a wall of hysteric analog synthesizers, guitars, and vocals.” (Girls at the Rock Show) Alson’s vision draws on elements of Future Bass and Chillwave, citing a wide range of inspiration from ILLENIUM, Gryffin and ODESZA to Galantis and La Fuente.


Hailing from the Netherlands but now residing in central Valencia, Alson is an electronic music producer who combines rhythmic bass with uplifting melodies with no allegiance to genre. With recent tracks released through notable labels such as Lowly Palace and official support from Trap Nation, 2019 sees an array of exciting opportunities for Alson.


Previous press citings for “Moral Fibre”:


Hype Machine: peaked at number 8.


Sounds Good blog: “[it] not only sounds good but blows Bran Flakes out the water”


Comeherefloyd: “Oh, the climax of what we wanted. A floating buoy in the middle of the Ocean of your blue emotions"


Ceasar Live and Loud: “The smooth vocals perfectly flow over the impressive melodies and give an airy atmosphere to the track”


CHILLFILTR: “Only at the end do we enjoy the full energy: the height of the arrangement, the elevated hook, and the final confession. It’s possible that everyone has a weakness; the thought that we are all one temptation away from a bad decision is both terrifying and exhilarating.”

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