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Origami Lover

“Origami Lover” is the fifth track in a series of twelve that Gold Spectacles are releasing in line with the lunar calendar; this one emerges with the Snow Moon on 22nd February. In the narrative, Origami Lover is about being in a failing relationship with a narcissist.


“We have always loved the sound of the Mellotron. There’s something very innocent and nostalgic about it. Origami Lover is anchored around the Mellotron’s flute sound but we dubbed it with an actual flute (one of us being a flautist). We were pretty happy to get a flute solo in a pop song! The innocence in the arrangement is reflected in the past-naivety of narrator. She’s been blind to her lover’s narcissistic ways but she’s starting to realise: his love for her is paper thin.”

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