Origami Lover (VLO Remix)

In the light of the full moon, VLO offers up his interpretation of “Origami Lover” by Gold Spectacles. The release will coincide with the Hunter’s moon and will be the final song in Gold Spectacles’ full moon series before the release of their self-titled debut album (November 15th). VLO takes “Origami Lover” away from its flute-based, baroque-pop origins into a space that sits comfortably between indie-pop, electronica and future pop. 


Hailing from the west coast of Norway and citing influence from Laxcity, DROELOE, GEOTHEORY and fellow Norwegians, Lemaitre, VLO (aka Ola Frøyen) is a 22 year old electronic producer who mixes intricate, immersive soundscapes with clear pop sensibilities. With support from Steve Void and Matoma, and a debut EP on the horizon, VLO is set to make you question the barriers between genres.