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On the 19th April, Gold Spectacles will release the sixth track in their full moon series. ‘Reversing’ coincides with the rise of the Pink Moon and talks about digging up all the buried inadequacies of a fractured relationship. The male vocals are accompanied by a prominent bass line, plucky guitars and a playful flute arrangement creating a delicate and intricate bed of sound. Recent tracks in this series have gained widespread attention and accolades across the blogosphere and the Hype Machine “Most Popular” chart.


“We wrote and recorded the bare bones of “Reversing” from our Airbnb whilst staying in Oslo last summer. We’d just come out of a string of back to back writing sessions for other artists and felt we needed to take a few days write something for ourselves. Sometimes, when you’ve been with someone a long time, it feels like you tread over the same ground time and time again. We wanted to talk about this frustration and highlight how easy it is to fall into the same patterns even when you try so hard not to.”

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